Just my Luck: The Early Days

The period before,during and immediately after my MBA will continue to hold some of the most cherished moments of my life.Anyone or almost everyone would have gone through the rut of giving entrance exams after entrance exams.Well MBA, with the sophistication it commands,usually has 2 additional rounds before you may be considered worthy of entry : the Group Discussion and the Personal Interview round. Folks at home believed I would fail in Discussions with due credit to my reservedness to talk and academicians believed I would fail in Interviews because of my hatred towards the written word( I believe Iam contradicting myself here).

Anyway heres a copy of the mail,elciting my woes and the enlightenment of why theory is important in the Indian Education system.

Hi guys/gals

I thought I’ll share my most embarrasing/humiliating interview
experience.When someone asks me about the Tapmi experience my
response is usually “They took my case,wrapped me up and threw me
out of the window:)”
All those who went for the Tapmi gd/pi woould be knowing that the
selection process involves five rounds namely gd/extempore/written
commn/Panel intvw and directors interview.I’ll be narrating to u my
Panel interview experience.
I was on a high after the gd/extempore and written commn rounds.This
was not cos I had high opinions of my performance but cos others
thought so too.Sitting in the auditorium I was pondering on how to
succesfully divert the interview in my favour.I was good at
answering ‘personal’ questions and I was ready to answer any
questions on my hobbies,interests , strenghts, weaknesses etc.
Academics–Now that was a spot of bother.Networking was my favorite
subject cos that was the only subject I had a look at before the
interview.The rest of the subjects-hmmm I could barely recall their
“Robin Jacob Abraham” -the lady incharge called out.I was led out of
the audi to the outside of a room where I was asked to sit.It almost
seemed like a poor goat/hen being led to the slaughter house and
then being made to patiently await it’s turn.Time ticked by but
there was no sign of the interviewers.After around 45 minutes ‘The
interviewers’ turned up.After 5 more minutes of waiting I was asked
to enter the room.
There were three of them.All three of them looked gullible and
harmless.Now that somewhat put me at ease.After the expected
formalities I sat down and the first question thrown at me
was “Robin,u’ve done BIS.Isnt this the course that was derecognised
by the UGC and AICTE?”
“he he so he plans to rattle me with this question” I thought and
proceeded to explain how ours was the only batch that got recognised.
“Ok Robin, tell us something about urself?”my pet question and I
gave him a full character report of myself.
In the meantime one of the guys started having a look at my
marksheets.It was time to pray.”God help me ,God Help me” I
beseeched and cried but all in vain.The question was thrown at
me.The question that I dreaded the most–“Robin what’s ur favourite
subject?””networking ” I mumbled all the while hoping that he would
forget and move to another topic.”Ok Robin tell us what xyz
is?”.hmmm gud question but no answers.But I wasnt going to go down
without a fight.I gave him some crap.He wasnt impressed. “Could you
be more specefic?”—some more crap.One look at the other two guys
(Did I see a smirk on his face??) and he fired at me the next
question-“Robin what is abc?”hmmm why me why me were the thoughts
that were passing through my mind and the net result of my mental
exertion was some more crap!!
This time I saw a beaming face-A face that has “Kill” written large
on it’s face.I knew I was gone.I was at the mercy of a know all.Some
more questions and some more blank stares and some more crap!!
He soon realized he wasnt having fun.He now decided in favour of a
new subject – MATHS!!!-of all the subjects he had only maths to
choose!!!??especially when he could see that I had an impressive
45.94%ile in quant!!!
He saw my uneasiness.He knew he had made the right decision.”Robin
Iam going to ask you a simple question.Could you plot for me the
graph of y=mx+c?””I know that but hey!Why cant I recall it.What’s
happened to me?Have I lost it?”Almost on the verge of defeat and yet
unwilling to give up I asked him to give me the values of x and y.I
could almost hear him giggling away at my expense.He was ‘kind’
enough to give me the values when I realized that I needed the
values of m and c as well!!!!Defeated I asked him to give me the
value of m and c as well!!.That did it-One look at each other and
all of them started guffawing and laughing away.I could only smile
all the while knowing I was finished.The final blow had been right
through the head.
The interview was over.Before leaving,however, they gave me a slip
of paper.I wished them Good afternoon and outside, in the corridor,
opened the slip.On it was plotted the y=mx+c graph.TAPMI was over.



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4 thoughts on “Just my Luck: The Early Days

  1. kaps says:

    brother, this can’t be ur most embarassing moment… this is like one of the nightmare’s of every person’s life… and we all face it some day or the other… and so now u are obliged to write ur most embarassing moment 🙂 brother, cough it out when u get time, but not the crap this time… tc n keep writing this kind of great stuff!!!

  2. Maryln says:

    Robin u really do have a very subtle yet appealing style of writing.I REALLY REALLY wish i was as expressive in writing as i am verbally

  3. balesh says:

    Dude, I guess the same question was asked to everyone. Luckily my math part of the brain was working that day. But never loose hope.For me its 3 cat attempts, 4 different calls ( mica 2004, gim 2006, glakes&tapmi 2007)and finally fate is leading me to tapmi.

  4. robinjabraham says:

    Wow thats perseverence…Havent lost hope..not yet:)..>Congrats anyway and all the best

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