Lethargy, milk and rolls

Once in Delhi, Lethargy rules. Its something to do with the climate or maybe its just home. Whatever be the reason, it is with great effort that I managed to wake up and pen this post.

While working in Delhi, in my previous stint, my daily route involved traveling roughly 20 kms from Janakpuri to East of Kailash. Fortunately for me,Vineet.another colleague( and now a close friend) used to come from Nangloi, which is further away. I thus used to get a lift from home till office.

For all those who thought that the drive would be smooth due to Delhi’s broad roads, here’s an eye opener. In the mornings and evenings, the roads are so congested,vehicles can barely move. it used to take us roughly 1.5 hours either way.

Now 1.5 hours is a lot of time and with our inclination to food, we inevitably used to make a pit stop at Satya Niketan.

Satya Niketan is to South Campus what Kamla Market is to North Campus. An epicenter of activity and campus gossip, you’ll find a lot of college students hanging out,gossipping and eating. Our interest as “the corporate executives”, was however limited only to eating. OK,I’ll admit grudgingly to a bit of gossip as well.

Satya Niketan is host to some really good eating outlets and our favourite was Keventers.
Now Keventer’s is ingrained deeply in Delhi’s heritage. Every Delhiite is expected to know what Keventer’s is. Flavoured milk is their strength and the servings in 400 ml milk bottles adds to the charm.
Keventer’s has quite a few outlets in Delhi, the more popular ones being in CP, Karol Bagh and Kamla Nagar. Satya Niketan: well now you know. In addition to milk Keventers also stocks some delectables like puffs(patties), Cream rolls, sandwiches and pastries. Cheap and acceptable to the taste buds, Keventer’s used to be an ideal eat stop for us.

One of our other favourite spots was 34, Chowringee Lane. Simply mouth watering rolls.A small outlet, this is probably the most frequented food joint by students.The quest for a roll may not,however, always end up with a roll in your hand owing to the crowd and an even greater waiting time!!. So many rolls to make and only one tawa can be a great mismatch and many a time we have had to return to the car defeated and fuming.

Now to come to the point, my only escape from lethargy, yesterday came with us(Vineet and me) going to Satya Niketan and having a double egg mutton roll from 34,Chowringhee Lane and a  chilled bottle of Butterscotch milk from Keventers. The waiting time at Chowringhee lane hasnt got any better.

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One thought on “Lethargy, milk and rolls

  1. Sweety says:

    I loved this post reminded me of all the delhi delicacies that just do not taste the same anywhere else. Especially the chaat, the chole bhature,Nirulas ice cream……I have a lot of fond memories of bengali market which really close to school

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