Thank you hai ji!!

People have warned me in the past that it is most difficult to maintain a blog. i have managed to survive 10 days and hope to do so for another 10 days. Beyond 10 days, my brain refuses to anticipate the load of information that would need to be processed and penned.

I have managed around 700 views in the past 10 days and somehow secured( or should I say coerced) 2 loyal subscribers .People have been kind to me and have given me varying degrees of feedback .Some have asked me to be more personal and some cannot believe I can manage to write the english word.

I do of course see a personal learning curve with each post I write.From rain to pee and from trains to planes, I have evolved. There are new words that I use in each post, words that I mug up to ensure that the reader does not feel overwhelmed by my hmmms, thes, ands and theres.

In short, I just wanted to say thank you for bearing with my rants and ravings. Please continue to bear with me.I promise to try harder. Do spread the word on my blog and my campaign on PIP( peeing in Peace). 

In the meantime I wish to express my profound love through this pic I had taken in Delhi

I Love You

 Description : I Love u : Delhi Government Ishtyle!!

PS:I am taking the easy way out today. As a lazy delhiite, my fingers have assured me of little support to my writing endeavour. I see no coherence in the sentences formed and urge you to read it as an artifact of modern, contemporary writing


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