Employees: We need a decent place to work

The manner in which a company treats its employees talks volumes of the growth and sustainability of the company. My previous company, an online marketing firm, was a sham in this regard. First being threatened to be sued by Microsoft for piracy and then the office premises being sealed for operating out of a residential area ensured that the employees bore the brunt of all illegal activities being pursued by the firm.

The law enforcement actions didnt deter the management, though, who were confident that their employees could be pushed and nudged along like a herd of naive sheep…And so we had 3 centers of “excellence” in the city: Point A, Point B and Point C.

Point A was in Kalkaji while point B and Point C were in Lajpat nagar: all of them Cyber Cafes converted to temporary workspaces by the moolah crazy cafe owners.

Point A operated at night as well with the shutters half down…A police raid soon after ensured that the shutters were completely down.

I operated out of Point A in a cubicle, which could barely hold my volume.

The management,always wanting to have the last laugh and adept at cost cutting, decided to merge point A and Point B.So Point B employees,around 30 in number merged with the Point A employees, around 12(day shift) in number. Soon,42 employees were operating out of point A, an underground cafe in the hot delhi summer. Adding to our woes was the lack of a toilet and the stink of sweat.

The night shift employees escaped the heat, but the poor souls couldnt think of even venturing out.

I have seen worse workplaces but it was the callous attitude of the management ( a show run by an overzealous husband and  wife) that bothered me the most. Losing employees didnt seem to be their primary concern. Their primary concern was getting the work done, whatever be the working conditions.

On my last day in Office I took some pictures of the cafe.It is a grim reminder of how I need to ensure the best for my employees.


Before leaving, as a mark of respect, I wrote a mail to the management, warning them of the pitfalls in the manner in which they were running the company. The mail fell on deaf ears.
Today, they still havent learnt. Employees are as dissatisfied as ever and at an attrition rate of more than 30 % (atleast), if they dont open their eyes soon, their employees and clients sure will.

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4 thoughts on “Employees: We need a decent place to work

  1. kaps says:

    this seems like a nice place where all can work together in a real good environment… i think it’s healthy for building up relationships with other people by sitiing close to them and you can actually talk to them whatever you want to instead of doing work 🙂 i think that’s what we all want from our workplaces… and if you are complaining about the size that you are not able to fit in there then maye you need to loose some weight brother ( just kidding) 🙂

  2. robinjabraham says:

    hehe..Iam trying to:)…building relationships..hmm we’ll talk about it when u’re down here:)

  3. kaps says:

    can’t wait for it buddy 😉

  4. Vineet Wadia says:

    Hi Robin Sir,
    Firstly i want to say hi and best of luck for your job..
    Secondly pls add me(vwaldia@gmail.com) in your gtalk for chat…
    and thirdly i appreciate your this blog and specially “https://chuggingalong.wordpress.com/2008/06/16/employees-we-need-a-decent-place-to-work/”
    For telling our felling when we were at mosaic service….
    Now i also left the mosaic…….
    Hope your work is going as perfect as you giving at “Tabela=Mosaic”….
    !! Best of Luck !!

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