Just Not my Day

Have been trying to post some videos and photos since the past one hour.Like the monsoons this time,in Mumbai, while the system shows the files are uploading, the files are just not getting uploaded.

Everybody and every service has a downtime.Iam having mine currently. The files were crucial to a good blog post, infact two.

While I rant at 1:00 am in the night, my eyes betray me and look longingly towards the cosy bed.

I shall not come in their way….So Good night and wish me luck for a better tomorrow

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One thought on “Just Not my Day

  1. kaps says:

    blame on the “Indian Internet connection”, the overseas connections are far way better than you can imagine 😉 and GOOD LUCK with uploading, i think you really need it with the “Indian Internet connection” 🙂

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