Knickers to Office

Last week, my boss came in knickers to office with due credit to the monsoons. The sight reminded me of the one experience I had with wearing shorts to office.

Soon after my graduation, I was placed with a web development firm called Iniquus. An Indian firm with an American culture, the office atmosphere was quite free and involved a lot of activities oriented towards overall employee development.

Anyway, every friday was officially classified as ‘the costume day’ and a unanimously decided dress code was usually thrust on us owing to our reluctance to speak up.

On one such friday, the dress code was t shirt with knickers. Knickers: Iam used to them at home but Office..Forget office I rarely wore them to the general store right beside my home. The culprit : Hair.
Being 21 years of age was proof that I was man enough to have hair on my legs. The hair was my major cause of concern.I was not worried about office but the approximately 21 kms I had to travel by public transport was definitely not going to be an easy task.

Fortunately, I was not alone in this endeavour.My close friend ( of approx. 10 yrs now),Saurabh, lived close by and had to undertake the same journey…And so with some final prayers, we made our way to the bus stop.

Now the average Delhi citizen is prone to a lot of staring and gaping, be it women, quarrels on the road or men wearing knickers in public places. And so the two of us became the spectacle on the road. People kept staring at us with disdain and/or curiousity. This behaviour was exhibited on the bus as well.

Two’s a company and being the brave individuals we were Saurabh and I just acted busy by mindless gossip. Anyway we managed to reach office with a slightly bruised ego.

Office,however was a lot of good fun.The 20 odd knickers ensured that men and women behaved like kids. Men with moustaches,thick moustaches smoking in knickers, men and women having conference calls with American clients in knickers was a sight to behold.

Towards the evening my brother called me for a movie in Noida. Now Gurgaon and Noida are 25 kms apart and I just couldnt think of using public transport, especially since Saurabh wouldnt be there to give me company.

I was wondering what to do when my Boss saved my day.There was some urgent work to be done because of which I was to stay back a bit. Staying back in office ensured that I could avail a cab back home as a privilege. The movie being at 11:00 pm in the night, I could easily take the cab to Noida.

And so it with this optimism that I sat and worked till around 9 pm in the night. The cab was arranged and soon I was safely lodged in the back seat with my torso showing no signs of the shorts below.

The cab ride was uneventful and I soon reached the movie hall.Being a weekend movie, there was a fair amount of crowd even at that late hour.
There are moments which get etched in your memory.These moments usually deter you or encourage you to define your life in a certain way. One of these moments was now.The cab driver got out of his seat, walked over to mine and opened the door. Out of the door walked me….clad in knickers with the driver standing in full attention.

People expecting to see an executive did see an exectutive but one clad in knickers…stifled giggles and puzzled looks greeted me. The looks followed till I met my brother and dissappeared into the warm darkness of the cinema call.

That day and today…I have ceased to expose any part of my lower torso in public places.

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One thought on “Knickers to Office

  1. kaps says:

    brother, u could have worn tracks over your shorts and kept a bag where you could keep tracks after you go to the office… and it feels so funny imagining you and saurabh in shorts 🙂 back in school we used to wear shorts and imagining myself and my friends in shorts it’s a totally different picture… and look at the brighter side, at least u were wearing the shorts 😉

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