Swimming : The second chance

Today, i finally made a move toward ensuring a healthier future by joining a sports club for coaching in swimming.

They say that once you learn swimming, it is impossible to forget it.Unfortunately, this was not the case with me.We had swimming classes in school ( St. Columba’s) from class 2 to class 6.
As hard as I tried, I never could get myself to swim with my head above water.If my head came up, the legs would go down and vice versa.This ensured I stay as close to the pool ledge as possible.

In class 2 and 3,the large pool appeared even larger and intimidating.And it was not just me but around 5-6 guys who preferred to be in the smaller baby pool/fountain until shooed away to the larger one by our swimming sirs.
There were the lucky ones, who were fortunate enough to get medical exemptions and feign illness, a cause, usually supported by their parents as well.I, however, was never so fortunate and a dive into the pool with the fear of drowning was a perpetual one.

The fear of the pool was accentuated by the diving boards ( 2 in number).
The diving board was, to me, the easiest way to ensure that once beneath the surface of water, the head never bobbed up. There was however,another fear, that succesfully ensured that we made the leap of faith…The Swimming cap. One of our swimming teachers was a surd and he had a hard plastic cap that never had any qualms about making contact with the human skin. A few threatenings and a succesful whack was enough to convince us that death by drowning was a safer option than the pain from the whack.

Well all the dodging and coercing never got to me learn swimming. After class 6 I never ventured out to even try the same.

However,slowly over time, a regret slowly developed.Swimming regularly would have ensured that I remained healthy and active.There was also the feeling of incompleteness.To have attended swimming classes over 5 years and still claim I didnt know swimming was indeed a shame.

This shame and regret coupled with an irregular lifestyle in this city is what finally prompted me to go ahead and join these classes.

I hope to learn with a vengeance this time round…Wellington Catholic Club here I come.

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