The Male Bitch!!!

For the ignorant, Bombay Bitch is a bollywood gossip online magazine and is invested in by Webchutney.
Well when you name a magazine the Bombay Bitch you expect a cold, dark, all stylish “bitch” who has nothing in life but to bitch about the sad actors of Bollywood.
Well Bombay Bitch has a twist…and the twist presents itself in the form of a guy!!!.
Meet (Madhu Bala)Krishnan…the lonesome male bitch in this otherwise female dominated organization.
An engineer, he soon realized that he is better at bitching than most girls and with a knack of using the right words, he finds himself comfortaby placed on the team.
In this pic, he has chosen not to reveal his identity owing to fear of a backash from his bitch loving fans.
Male bitch

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