The Did you Know series

The world’s so full of knowledge that comprehending even a speck of it is a challenge in itself. Indians have always been “Jack of all trades” and being gifted with this heritage, I also seek to gain knowledge across all walks of life.

Well, for “Chugging Along” i intend to focus on two core interest areas through the “Did you Know?” series:

a) Social Media : For starters did you know that Social Media isnt Social Service. Around a week back,My boss got a call from an interested candidate who claimed that her passion in life was to do “Social Service”!!.

When my boss explained to her that Social Media isn’t Social service she claimed she was interested in Social Media as well!!!…so much for focus

b) General Business Knowledge : Was part of the quizzing team in my MBA and always managed to come 4th or 5th in inter college quizzes.The best we managed was a 3rd and we conveniently forgot to take our certificates. Anyway, the quest for the “golden Fleece” hasnt ended and I still yearn for some recognition in this field.

I intend to use these posts to learn and be a documented repository of valuable information.
I shall also be involving some of my quiz mates to contribute on the same.

Did you know…did you know…did you know…as my mind wanders and hands google to search…take a break and come back tomorrow…I shall be ready then

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