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For all those who thought that Orkut was the most popular social networking site across the globe, heres a realty check…it’s not!!! what’s more? it’s not even in the top 4 social networks of the world.

The top 4 include myspace.com, facebook.com, Flickr and Classmates online. MySpace had a staggering 73 million visitors in May 2008…Unbelievable huh!! thats more than twice the total estimated Indian online population!!!

Comscore Top social networks

Comscore Top social networks

Indian population Online

Indian population Online

Myspace.com belongs to Fox Interactive media which in turn belongs to News Corporation ( the same company that owns STAR Tv in India )

It was initially built by a company called euniverse ( later renamed to Intermix Media Limited) and was inspired by Friendster.com, another popular social networking site. The site along with its parent company was later sold, in July 2005 to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation for $ 580 million!!!

Myspace.com was launched in India on 17th April 2008 and looks to garner a chunk of the Indian Social networking space.

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  1. Sinatra says:

    Thanks for this beautiful Posting On social networking!
    It was very nice to see this great article talking about Community!

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