New Mobility

New Mobility isnt about cars and more gas guzzling machines on the road. It’s about creating,innovating and planning a transport system that enables timely, easy and environment friendly accessibility.

An idea being promoted by Ford, New Mobility is about strengthening the exist mass transport system and making it accessible to the public.

One of Delhi’s claims to fame is having more vehicles than the vehicles in the other 4 metros put together!!! It doesnt reflect increasing affluence but lack of accessibility when it comes to travelling.

Reading the latest Outlook Business edition, I came across the mention of a traffic survey report for Delhi. This survey was conducted by RITES in may 2008 and on the Delhi Metro commuters.

It was interesting to note that 75% of the commuters were vehicle owners as well and 30% own cars.As many as 22% admitted to having commuted in their cars to office prior to the metro’s existence.

There is very obviously a strong correlation between strong and effective public transport, the number of vehicles on the road, petrol/diesel usage and pollution.

Effective public transport cuts down on the number of vehicles resulting in lesser usage of gas thereby leading to lower pollution.

It seems to be the right way forward for Bill Ford. It is time that the world moves away from cars. The move away from cars will have to be a compelling one for the world. I see sense in not buying a car in Mumbai because the petrol/diesel prices are high and the local train system is strong and comfortable ( I travel towards Borivalli in the morning,thereby avoiding the rush).

Give people an accessible and efficient public transport system and you’ve taken a giant leap in New Mobility.

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One thought on “New Mobility

  1. Aparna says:

    Hmm.. when in Mumbai, spell like a Mumbaikar.. its ‘Borivli’, not ‘Borivalli’ 🙂 Sorry, couldn’t resist that.. but interesting post..

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