The ‘loose’ call of nature

Ever since coming to Mumbai, today was a day that was filled with rumbles in my otherwise dormant stomach. I still recall telling my friend and room mate: Prosenjit at breakfast ” This is the kind of breakfast we should ideally have”. I was referring to the George Washington Breakfast at Crepe Station. One chicken sausage, a bulls eye egg preperation, boiled corn and fried potatoes with a glass of Water Melon juice and bread was enough to get the mouth munching in delight.

That was Sunday morning. Sunday evening, however was a different story. After watching “The Dark Knight” , the experience made all the more fulfilling by a hot dog and a glass of Pepsi, my stomach was geared up for more.

And so after a short auto ride we reached Alfredo’s near Prithvi theatre…In a mood to try a new bistro, we chose the Gringo,right next to Alfredo’s and owned by the same group as Alfredo’s,Four Season’s hotel

The ambience was fine and the place advertised itself to be the place for sizzlers and so we ordered the same little knowing that this was to be the cause of all my woes today.

We ordered 3 sizzlers ( one veg and two non veg:lamb and prawns). They were ok and enough to fill a moderately hungry stomach. The prawns were a little burnt while the lamb had a soapy taste to it.Fortunately Lamb wasn’t what I had ordered.

A Rs. 70 cab ride back to Mahim and we were back home, looking forward to the next weekend.

The morning was when the symptoms started showing up. The stomach felt like an ocean, the waves swirling and violently crashing against the walls of my intestine, signalling the doom to come.

I managed to reach office without the usual hurry accompanying an upset stomach but as I readied myself for the first round, I was informed that there was no water. “No water!!!” ,my emotions only disturbed an already active volcano. After managing to keep myself preoccupied for the next 30 minutes, I was informed that the water truck had arrived and refilled the empty tanks. I was ready and the first round was completed with ease…but that was not all…as the day progressed I was able to deeply familiarize myself with the white floor tiles, the red walls, the white wash basin and the almost empty liquid dettol soap…not once not twice…but three times!!!

As I write this I am exhausted but glad to have survived the ordeal. I have been able to rebuild the fort and the waves have subsided….I live to eat another day

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3 thoughts on “The ‘loose’ call of nature

  1. kaps says:

    brother, the starting of the post made me feel really hungry and i was about to go and grab something to eat but as soon as i reached the last bit of the post then i realised what will happen to the food i will eat and what problems it could cause and also i lost my apetite with the precise details of the happenings what could happen without water 🙂 but still i love your posts and how you make them interesting with the carefully chosen words.

  2. Varun says:

    I was the unfortunate soul who ordered the soapy lamb.
    been burping bubbles ever since….
    Moral of the story – Never eat at a restaurant that readily offers you a table at 10:15 on a Saturday evening.

    “Thats all I have to say about that”

  3. robinjabraham says:

    hey thanks man…will keep rolling the pen…Hindsight allows the past to be so much more eventful:)

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