Death by the Rajdhani Express

The Following incident happened more than a year back in 2007.

An unusual ting happened on the 2441 Bilaspur Rajdhani on Mar 10. I, along with my friends from college had boarded the train from Nagpur for one final journey to Delhi after two long years of studying. The train was on time and reached Bhopal on time as well.It was headed by a WAP4E from Vadodara and had nice,neat coaches with an equally nice and clean looking(both from inside and outside) PC.Clean toilets added to the experience.The train started at around 3:50 pm and arrived at Bhopal at around 9:30,although we were in the outskirts at 9:05 pm itself.
Between Bhopal and Jhansi the train came to a sudden halt in the middle of nowhere.The manner in which the train stopped got me to suspect that something was amiss.After halting for around an hour,the train inched slowly for another hour or so before it came to a final halt in the outskirts of some non decrepit station.We had been put on the loop line.Around 4 trains towards Delhi passed us in the meanwhile.It was a bit amusing to think that the mighty Rajdhani had been halted to let the others pass by.Saw some express train with a Wap5/7 and had 5 AC coaches as well.Any ideas on which one this could be?.Also saw the Ap express passing us.
My curiosity got the better of me and I made my way to the pantry where I asked the cooks as o what had happened? “engine failure” replied one of the cooks ” There’s a body that has been caught up in the engine” he added.Shocked to the core, I opened one of the doors and tried to look towards the engine,around 8 coaches ahead with my weak eyes.I could only make out the silhouettes of  around  5-6 rpf  and GRP  personnel with large torches.
Sleepy,tired,shocked and disappointed: An unusual mix of feelings,nevertheless ones that I felt at that moment.I made my way to my berth,apprised my friends on the issue and went off to sleep. Tired as I was, my deep slumber could not have been broken if it had not been for the attendant, who insisted on having the Blanket at 6am in the morning,the scheduled arrival for the train at NDLS.Disoriented, I was getting a grip on my spinning head and thought that New Delhi was near.I handed my blanket over to the attendant.It was only then that one of my friends started quarreling and arguing that New Delhi was still a good 3 hours away!!!!!! He told him to come when NDLS was near,but the attendant insisted that on Bilaspur Rajdhani,blankets needed to be and have always been collected at 6am.Somehow we managed to shoo him away,at the same time wondering as to how tough it is on the customers when the Rajdhani gets delayed.No tea and Breakfast as well.At around 8am,the people in the next cabin started discussing the issue at night.These guys seemed to be railway officials.I couldnt help being a Peeping Tom and this is the story I could fathom.
It seems as if between Nagpur and Bhopal someone either jumped from above in front of the train.The body got wedged in the ‘tracer??'(Cudnt get the word properly) of the engine.The loco pilots didn’t get to know this and the body was carried along for more than  5 hours before the first 1 hour stop.Here the RPF guys tried pulling the body out but were unsuccessful.The train then moved towards the second stop,where it seems the RPF guys had to do some cutting to get the body out. A gory story but a sad reminder of Prakash Tendulkar’s stories on how Loco pilots are affected both emotionally and psychologically by deaths on tracks.The 2441 Rajdhani Express arrived at New Delhi, a full 2 and a half hours late at 8:35 am.

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