28th July,2008!! Rain,Mumbai and Work!!

I lie close to the ground on a bedding minus the bed and close to the door and so through the night, i could hear the pitter patter of rain coupled with the water gushing through an open pipe from above our house.

Thanks to the constant noise, i woke up late after a night’s disturbed sleep. This morning was like any of the past 3 mornings. Dull,cold and wet with an overcast sky and slight drizzling.

As soon as I stepped out of the house for office, the rain gods threw a tantrum and the ensuing rage ensured that my shoulders were drenched partly owing to a flimsy umbrella that just couldnt stand the wind.

And so after a wet,very wet train and auto journey, i managed to reach office,just about in time. The rains however, had no plans for abating and the constant wind and pouring was a sight to behold.

By the afternoon, the effects of the constant pouring were slowly making themselves visible. The 5th floor of our office,on the terrace had borne the brunt and the the ceiling and the wall seepages ensured that water’s presence didnt go unnoticed.

Soon enough, the internet itself,the lifeline of our existence went down and we were left doing nothing!!

That is when I got a chance to take some pics of the rain from my office on the 2nd floor and how it rendered us useless

A view from the Top

A view from the top

Another view from the top
rain rain everywhere

Water makes its way to the world wide web
Internet down

This one’s for the boss…We still try
My colleagues making the best of "free time"

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