While I was in office, sitting and pondering on how one of my clients can use social media effectively, an anti social element was rummaging through my house, getting his hands on anything valuable.

Except…there wasn’t anything valuable in the house to steal.

8:30 pm My room mate calls me up to inform me of the break in. Excited..yes its a very unexpected reaction but thats the way I felt after all not everybody has a planned burglary happening at home.He informs me that the safes have been forced upon and the contents have been spilled over to make the room resemble a laundry room

9:00pm…Panic strikes!!! The only valuables that I possess are my certificates of education..and I am not so sure if they haven’t been stolen.Frantically I call one of my room mates and a short swift search is called. five seconds and I am relieved to hear ” Is it a black folder with your Imt Placement Committee Card on it?”…”Yes..Yes that’s mine” I reply in glee.

Relieved, I make my way home from office, all the while wondering if there was anything else valuable enough to steal. I could think of none.

9:15 pm : At home I am welcomed by an open door being skillfully repaired by a locksmith and curious glances of the two police officials who had come to investigate.
The first look of my room was enough to convince anyone that the burglars were desperate. Clothes were lying strewn everywhere. Two of the safes( belonging to the landlord) had been forced open and evidence of raw brute force was evident on the safe handles and doors.

One of the police officials was the lady SHO (station house officer). Being in the police gives you confidence and gives you power and both were evident in her gait and talk. Even more impressive,however was her command over spoken English and it is with ease that she managed to give us assurance and write a report in Hindi after questioning us in English.

Well that was it…The burglars broke in but just couldn’t find anything valuable. No jewelery, no cash, no precious artifacts. The break in, however did add to their frustration. A near empty bottle of Smirnoff Vodka was found on our drawing room bed bearing testimony to a hard but useless day’s work for them.

Here’s a view of the door bolt, jacked open

The broken bolt

The safe pried open

<The broken safe

A closer view of the safe

A closer view of the broken safe

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One thought on “Burgled!!

  1. Aparna says:

    I loved the first line.. damn funny.. and yea, its a good thing nothing was stolen..

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