Chuk Chuk Push..Chuk Chuk Push

I thought India was the only country where trains were jam packed with unruly crowds. The Mumbai local has long been used to showcase India’s growing population issues. However, Japan seems to have its share of overcrowded but air conditioned trains. What’s more the authorities ensure that people are shoved and pushed inside so that the always punctual japanese train system remains punctual!!

It seems that Indians are more self driven than the Japanese.How else can you explain the daily deluge of people that manage to get on and off the train without the assistance of any official!!

Jai Hind!! but hope we go easy on the current population explosion

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One thought on “Chuk Chuk Push..Chuk Chuk Push

  1. Varun says:

    i think it is because the train wont move unless the doors close. and they wont close if someone’s stuck in the middle.
    India however has a different story. its like the train moves and literally shakes off any ppl it cant accommodate.
    Much like the wet dog shakes off the water.

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