Singh is Kinng?No way!!

The sky was overcast and the day had an unexplained gloominess to it.Having digressed from my atleast 7-8 hr of sleep this week, I was looking forward to a good night’s sleep in the cosy warmth of my home. However,at the insistence of my room mates and friends, I agreed to a 11:15 pm show of “Singh is Kinng” at Fun Cinemas,Lokhandwala. After a lazy yet tiring day of work, the rains towards the late evening seemed to be the harbinger of impending doom.

As we entered the hall, I noticed some indiviuals talking amongst each other ” Bhai yeh toh hamaari movie hai,hit honi hai hai”, “yaar 30% occupancy lag raha hai is show ke liye..kya baat hai?” “nahi bhai, aane toh do logon ko…70% toh hai hi…baarish ke vajah se bhi kaafi log late ho gaye honge”…seemed to be some individuals associated with the film fraternity and they were right. Soon the hall was almost full.

The movie started and in anticipation of some authentic slap stick humor, I was able to laugh at some of the stupidest jokes known to mankind. The anticipation extended through the first half and my optimism forgave the multiple songs which crept up.

The second half started.I was now a bit apprehensive…Apart from a couple of good dialogues and okayish humour scenes, the film wasnt helping me much in staying awake. As my eyes drooped, I could hear the individuals from the film fraternity laugh away to glory…”were they the dialogue writers?” was the one final thought that flashed through my head.

Sleeping through a movie is one behavior that I frequently exhibit. Its the respect I accord to a dumb,unwitty,boring movie. As for the cast, Kathrina Kaif looked nice and Akshay Kumar looked as if he needed a bath. Amongst the lot of Singhs, I felt the best Singh awards should go to Javed Jaffrey and Yashpal Sharma. Good acting in the midst of a sinking ship

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