Born Free

Remember this 1966 movie based on a book written by Joy Adamson on herself,her forest game husband and the adorable Elsa: A lioness. Yes you read it right: A lioness who was adopted as a cub by the couple. The story sees through Elsa’s growing up and finally her release into the forests of Kenya and how she copes up.

There is another similar story about a Lion called “Christian”. The story goes as follows:

“In 1969, two Australians living in London purchased a 35-pound lion cub from the exotic animal division of Harrod’s department store. For a full year, John Rendall and Anthony Bourke raised the cub as their pet, permitting him to lounge freely in the furniture shop they co-owned and even join them for an occasional meal at a local restaurant. In 1972, after the lion had grown too large to properly be cared for, he was taken to Kenya and–rather remarkably–reintroduced to the wild. Two years later, Rendall and Bourke paid a visit to Kenya to see their old friend. They were told the lion would never remember them.”

This is what happened next:

And you thought Animals operated only on instincts!!!

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