Another day another blast

This time, it was closer home,in Delhi. 3-5 blasts which rocked a weekend busy Delhi. Some people dead and some more injured. The responsibility is claimed through an email : Some hitherto unknown group calling themselves the Indian Mujahideen proudly claims responsibility for the massacre.

Are they satisfied or is their thirst for blood quenched…I am sure its a no.They’ll kill more and more but I wonder if it would in any way help in achieving their demands from an already populous nation!!

Their demands!! I am not sure if even they’re clear about it. Kashmir? Well you need balls to fight it out in the open which apparently they dont have.

Indian Mujahideen seems to have emerged as the biggest jokes going around. The word Indian itself is a misnomer to their existence and its unfortunate that theyre denounced by many from the religion they apparently fight for.

For us..well its part of our daily existence. I am sure apart from an initial shock, no one is even bothered about what happened a few hours ago.Our resignation to constant terror and an international fraternity that refuses to see this terror being inflicted or help us do anything about it seems to be taken as a given.It helps us because these so called mujahideens then fail in their task which is to create terror in the minds of people.I think the maximum they’ll achieve is get a government to fall and have another one which would be tougher on terrorism while it lasts

It’s past midnight here in Mumbai and life moves on. Apparently the Mumbai Police is on red alert but for the Mumbaikars its the day when lord Ganesha would be immersed in water and nothing,not even
news of the blasts will spoil their festive moods

For Mumbai,for Delhi,for Jaipur,for Ahmedabad, for India…its just another day

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One thought on “Another day another blast

  1. The weekest ever possible Home Minister and Prime Minister India Has

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