A man who dared to dream

I had promised to write about his new venture and so am doing so. His site is the culmination of a dream that has been driving him since the early days of our MBA. An entrepreneur at heart, his imaginations and thoughts always sought to try something new,something undiscovered.

MBA was always about presentations, assignments and staying awake through the night. For a few of us,however, there was another reason that kept us awake through long nights: The Placecom( Placement Committee) was the driver of all Industry interactions and responsible for placing around 110 graduates.

It was a mammoth task and we all knew it wouldnt be easy.Yet we never gave up. Part of it was self driven,part of it inspiration.To see a young man sit through continuous nights,trying to fix appointments and give his heart and soul for the institution was enough to drive us all.The going wasnt easy for this young man. He sometimes barely managed to cope up in his exams.Theory wasnt his forte and the authorities threatened to fail him at times. Batchmates werent the kindest as well and many a time he was dragged into mindless ‘political conferences’ where he was ridiculed and humiliated by people who had nothing better to do on campus.

In the midst of all this the young man dreamt.He dreamt to have a world where everything could be rented.Furniture,Tvs,homes,crockery,cars,laptops…anything and everything material..all broker free.A lot of us were skeptical.We dismissed the idea as a figment of ‘MBA acquired’ imagination and thought no more about it.

We didnt realize that the idea was slowly growing and that this man had already started putting pillars to his dream.He had set himself a roadmap of one year.

Placements happened and most of us got placed with well known corporate institutions.As expected,the young man was responsible for a large part of the placements.All the batch mates were happy but few came to thank the man who made it possible.

Spread across the 4 different corners of India and in the busy schedules of our lives, we soon forgot how time passes.This young man, however hadnt forgotten. He was slowly mobilizing resources,manpower,funds,space and belief for his venture.

A year passed and while most of us were still struggling to find the balance between work and life, this Young man went ahead, left his job and launched his dream.

The dream : Rentimental.com (The World’s on rent)

The man : Shubham Rai

Its been almost 6 months now since Rentimental’s launch and Shubham is still struggling.But he is happy and slowly but steadily, he’s building clients and business. His team of a handful of men believe in him and his conviction and daily slog it out on the streets of Mumbai.

As I stand amidst the crowd on the Andheri Local,my eyes fall on a banner on the top right,above the window…Its a Rentimental banner and calls for people with extra homes to rent them out through the site.A sense of pride floods me…I feel proud to be associated with a man who dared to dream.

PS: Shubham today has been nominated in the TATA NEN Hottest startups. If you believe in the man and his dream vote for him here

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3 thoughts on “A man who dared to dream

  1. vivek says:

    carry on……………….

  2. Further to …”CHUGGING ALONG” and Shubham’s nomination in “TATA NEN Hottest startups” I extend my heartiest kudos to the writer of Chugging Along article.There is uncountable number of people who will not take even a nano second in criticising someone but its very rare to find a hand full of genuine pepole who stand out of the crowd and acknowledge/recognise some body’s genuine efforts and achievements.As far as Shubham’s personality traits are concerned, for last 4 years (since I have known him)I have been a close observer and had been lucky enough to be a sharer of hid RENTIMENTAL DREAM at the scratch stage of the project.Yes, he has got the guts and puts his 101% to all his ventures.It would not be an axxageration if I quote him as a truly PROMSINING ENTREPRENEUR in making.I would pray to Lord for his success in for all his future ventures too,the famous saying goes on …God helps those who help themselves

  3. robinjabraham says:

    Thank you for your kind words Arun Vajpayee…and for Shubham..he truly deserves it

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