The recent episode of a nun being raped and the death of a swami being attributed to the Christians deeply anguishes me. A Christian myself, the so called ‘sporadic’ incidents of violence showcases how we as a nation are becoming intolerant of each other.

I will not comment on whether conversions happen by force or allurement because I dont know. What, I do know however, is that in Christianity, the word conversion itself does not signify any allurement or force. What I am taught in whichever church I go to is look towards Christ and follow his way of living. Christ’s way of living knew only love and it is his love and his life that became an example to others to follow him. This is the reason why christianity is all about giving. As such a conversion, if happening, is because someone saw another leading a life of example and was thus motivated to follow the same.

Today, people fight in the name of religion.The irony, however is that no religion ever said to kill or rape or molest your fellow brethren to protect your religion. The self professed keepers of the faith,the Bajrang Dal and the VHP , seem to be doing just that. The SIMI and the Indian Mujahideen seem to be doing just that.

Violence in the name of religion and region seems to be spreading unabated and the law and order system of the nation seems to be just watching!!. People have lost consciences and raping or killing seems to be taken as a divine karma.

Politics and religion also seem to go hand in hand today. I vote for the BJP because they are pro hindutva or I vote for the Congress because they’re not!! Sadly this is what is defining India today. Of course, in the first place itself, I am sure, it is these nationalist parties only who seed the issue. Votes and a comfortable chair to view the parade is all that they’re interested in and they’ll go to any extent to achieve it!!

Orissa seems to be just one of the breeding grounds for political activism. I am sure that we’ll see these rapists and killers playing an active role in national politics tomorrow!! Christians are easy targets because their modes of reacting are also usually non violent.

I wonder when these fools will think of the nation. They fail to realize how unstable and vulnerable we make ourselves from the inside . Today, India’s greatest enemies are these deranged,blood thirsty fools and not Pakistan or China!!

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