The “Photo Shoot”

Weird things happen when you go for a photo shoot with a battery less digicam, an N73, a designer who believes he has the potential to be an ace photographer and an enthusiastic team who just want to have some fun!!

We’re getting a website prepared for ourselves and required some ‘cool’ pictures of ourselves. So off we went to Versova Beach in the boiling heat of the day.

After an initial round of poses with a Sony Digicam, our eyes looked yonder towards Madh Island and felt it would be the ideal location for a photo shoot.

And so we crossed over to Madh island in a ferry streaming with people across a black mass of water which was supposedly a creek meeting the sea.

The Madh island Beach is quite clean and its hard to believe that it is part of Mumbai too!!

Anyway, the digicam had given up hope by this time and it was left to my N73 to do the honours. We managed to get some pics of ourselves but an N73 camera in amateur hands can have some comical results.

Here are some of the pics that help us pass some tiring/frustrating days

Readying ourselves!!


Up up and Away!!

That was supposed to happen in mid air!!

The team stands together…We managed to do that quite well much to the designer’s delight!!

The Black Sea!!

Last but not the least!! Our able designer…he refuses to reveal his identity though!!

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