Life as it chugs along

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything. The usual suspects: Time, work and lethargy but a sense of guilt kept telling me to feed my starved blog.

Its been more than 7 months now in the “city of dreams”: Mumbai. The city has been kind to me and I havent fallen ill or badly homesick in these months. Friends have remained faithful and work manageable.

7 months ago I came to Mumbai after having the worst imaginable exit from my past company in Delhi. I have a case filed against me under the “Negotiable Instruments Act” which alleges that I stopped payment on a cheque with dubious intentions and that I need to pay a specified amount.

The amount is trivial but I am fighting for a cause I believe in: that an employer cannot take his employees for granted, that he cannot flout all known laws and ethics of employee treatment. It could be a long battle but all I am hoping for is that I am able to stand steadfast in the midst of all this.The support of my parents,my sibling, relatives and friends has been a source of constant strength.

Work here in Mumbai has been good so far. There is much to be achieved and so little time. I am slowly learning all the aspects of an agency’s business. From operations to technology, from business development to client servicing, from proposing to implementation, it has been all round development. We have been growing steadily and it feels great to be part of the core team.

We do, however have our share of hiccups. There is a lot of streamlining to do in terms of work being done Interacting with your colleagues and other divisions and making them understand your point of view can be a real headache. In my observation, most people just do a ‘job’ and are unwilling to think beyond their ‘assumed realm’ of responsibilities. This can be a real headache as these people will try to ensure that nothing that you wish them to do falls in the purview of the “assumed realm” of responsibilities. Getting these people to work and coordinating with them ensures,quite a few times, that you prefer doing the work on your own.

I have also realized that it is man’s lack of focus that constantly drives him to achieve a focus. I still don’t know what I am cut out for but because I don’t know, it helps me try every domain to its fullest potential.As a result, I am always seeking to answer “what next?”. I hope this drive takes me along a fulfilling career road.

On the personal front, life has had its shares of ups and downs.I am now an engaged man and will be tying the knot a few months down the line. Its a different phase I am getting into but I am not intimidated as many assume me to be. Life has had its share of joys and sorrows before marriage and it will have its share of joys and sorrows after marriage. I have also found new friends and still finding more.Social interactions,the kind I like:playing outdoor/indoor games and going to worthwhile events, has also been on the rise.

Life has moved on and it has given me its share of experience and wisdom…it will continue to do so in the future.
This is a snapshot of my life: As it chugs along

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