Jaago Re! and some random stuff

I was pleasantly surprised to see jaagore.com emerging as one of the most searched terms today, as per Google. Kudos to TATA for the heavy promotion and an amazingly good ad to go with it. The site interface is also quite simple and invites users to explore further.

Most of the site’s traffic seems to be coming from Kandivilli?? , followed by Mumbai and Delhi…way to go Mumbai Suburbs!!…baaki sab chaai peeyo!!

If you thought Mumbai is a city that has no power cuts..you’re mistaken. I got an off from office, thanks to major maintenance by reliance power, owing to which there was to be no power during office hours. Never ever in any other city have I had this privilege.

Delhi, I heard, has become quite chilly…well I am writing this post in my vest and am still sweating!! that should give you a fair idea of how cold Mumbai is!!

Its a daily regret now that I am unable to write on trains!! Well..all is not lost..On Sunday I sat for an hour at Mahim station…watched the Mumbai rajdhani and a few local trains pass by…then went on to Parel…watched some more locals go by and then went to Churchgate…and watched some more locals arrive…the experience was enough to invigorate my senses.

Well, I guess thats about as much time I can spare for today. Tomorrow its back to listening, understanding and engaing!!

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