The man who’s still trying

I talked abou the man who dared to dream, a few posts back. This is an update on the same. Shubham’s company Munificient Ventures, the parent company of, has made it to the top 30 in the TATA NEN Hottest startups contest.

Shubham called me to inform the same last week and also informed me on his new collar…around his neck. Apparently Mr Shubham, reckless as he is, managed to fall and hurt his neck and spine. As a result, when i met him, the poor fellow could not even look left or right. Trust me to see Shubham in one place is a once in a blue moon opportunity.

We shared some moments from the past and then felt like moving out somewhere to feel the breeze of the night. Shubham Rai picks up his phone and dials a number…the response from the other end…”Shubham Bhaiya…aap tension na lo…mai abhi aata hoon”…within 5 minutes a Toyota Qualis was standing at our doorstep.

Shubham introduces me to the guy, a driver by profession. The driver is all concerned about Shubham’s health and adjusts the seat of the vehicle to ensure that Shubham is in a straight posture. I slip into the backseat.

We pass a cigarrete shop and Shubham asks the driver to stop. The driver protests saying that Shubham, in the condition he is, should not be thinking of smoking. I join in the protest and successfully manage to divert his attention.

We reach Bandra Reclamation and thats when the driver tells me his story and how Shubham is like a saviour to him. He was almost on the brink of selling his 2 Qualises when Shubham met him. Shubham, with his strong network of close friends, soon started getting him some really good business. Today, he hardly sleeps 3 hours a day owing to trips every morning to places such as Satara, Kohlapur, Belgaum and Delhi too!!! He may not understand what rentimental stands for but he does know that if he’s investing with Shubham, its a wise decision.

Thats how Shubham has been with most of us. His passion to help a friend out knows no bounds…His passion at work is exemplary and selfless…, i am sure that is what has propelled him to the top 30 in the TATA NEN Hottest Startups. He needs to come in the top 5 now…and he needs funding…and he needs your prayers, substantiated by votes…here

Cheers to the man who dared to dream!!!

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