Mumbai:26/11 November Terror Attacks

Another attack…Around a hundred dead and many more injured…The Taj Colaba and the Trident are a picture of intense confrontation between the commandos and the terrorists. A little known group calling itself the “Deccan Mujahideen” claims responsibility.

Is the attack successful…The terrorists seem to be celebrating…the reason to celebrate? that they let 13-15 of their good young men commit suicide? that they killed some innocent men and women or that most families in Mumbai are cursing them?

Their reasoning seems as stupid as the causes they fight for or try to instigate. My room mate casually mentions that a bomb should be dropped on Mecca. The other 2 strongly reprimand him but it makes me wonder.Maybe this is the success that they aim to achieve, to divide sentiments on the basis of religion, to make people victims of hatred against each other.

What also makes me think is also the timing of the attacks…it comes at a time when Mumbai is about to go to elections. Hemant Karkare, the chief of ATS and prime investigating officer of the Malegaon Blasts is also killed?? Was it planned? And if so who would plan it? these are questions which need to be answered.

The other aspect, is of course, the response from the government. In the time of such a crisis, why is not the Prime minister or at least the Home Minister talking to the citizens of India. Is not reassuring them a responsibility that government should adorn ? Actionables are what is required of the government…not the rut of just announcing a probe.

There is always a call for greater Government and public cooperation but why dont I see it happening. Everyone is so disconnected in India that no one seems bothered about what happens where. The news constantly boasts about their reporters being present at hotspots.Is that all they care for?

For exactly an hour we were shocked…Now we are planning on what to do as its effectively a ‘holiday’ for us. That speaks for my attitude towards terror and my failing sensitivity towards life and my fellow brethren. It is shocking and should be of concern to me and this nation.

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