Mumbai Terror Attacks: Who messed up?

My emotions are running high and it is not because the terrorists managed to bring a nation to its knees but because somebody didnt do his job well. The consequences are for everyone to see: over 130 killed and over 350 injured!! and a city which is now crying for some comfort.

Who did not do his job? The Coast Guard? Arent they paid to protect our coasts? Why is it that a boat full of terrorists so easily managed to reach our shores then?? How is it that the terrorists so easily managed to cross over from Karachi to Mumbai?

The Navy?? They boast of being far superior than the Coast Guard but why did our seas suddenly become a source of terror?? Somalia was a brave step, our crews required it…but what use is it if they cannot protect the citizens of India in India?

And to say that Pakistan is the cause of all this!!! Thats despicable and disgusting!! We have failed to protect our citizens because we were not competent enough to protect ourselves!!!Pakistan comes later!!

I am proud of my security forces, who have risked their lives to ensure that the terrorists are flushed out. The real question, however is, was all this really required!!! I have lost some of my best protectors because of the callousness of some.

The political System in this nation is a joke. You have Manmohan Singh who cannot even address the nation with conviction and as expected, takes a stance that shirks any Indan responsibility and looks at a foreign hand to rescue him!!

You have Mr Advani who lands in Mumbai and goes into the usual rut of “This Government has done this and done that!!!” and only tries to drive passions the wrong way!!! Mr Advani, I am sure you would have done an equally worse job!!!

Then you have the Thackreys…Well they were nowhere to be seen while the encounter went on!!!Where were they when all of us were sitting scared inside our homes?? and they claim to stand for Mumbaikers!!! They have apparently called a bandh on Monday!Usually an act of defiance would constitute all of us Mumbaikers carrying on with our chores just as we would have done on any other day. But Mr Thackrey thinks otherwise!!! He believes compliance is the best form of defiance!!!

Mr. Raj Thackrey, today Mumbai is safe because many Indians from across the nation came to ‘your city’s’ rescue!!!

I believe all these politicians, who are supposedly our representatives, be stripped of any security and packed off in a boat to Karachi!!

 I assure you India will be much safer then.

As I complete this post the ordeal has finally come to an end…but was it ever required in the first place??

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