August Kranti Rajdhani

29th December, 2008: It can classify as the worst day of my life. I am holed up in the side upper berth of the Super Fast A.K Rajdhani express which was supposed to have reached Mumbai around 7 hours back at 10:30 am. I am told it might just make it by 4:30 pm.I love trains but traveling with a terrible bout of cold and a chest full of phlegm isnt exactly my idea of a good ‘railfanning’ trip.Thanks to the delay, I spent 5 hours at the New delhi station itself with only a half sweater to protect me from the heartless cold of Delhi.As if the wait wasnt enough, the crowd at the Hazrat Nizamuddin was overwhelming and a simple cup of coffee required me to climb up and down 3 platforms!!! 

Back to the train, I have been assigned the seat number 72, another reason to my woes today. The berth is right next to the compartment door which has ensured little sleep through the night and day. The constant opening and closing of the door,mostly by motion affected fellow passengers has had a direct bearing on my grumpiness which is at a new high today.
Then there are the voices…and I attribute it all to the passengers from Mathura.Loud and booming, in typical Mayawati style, these guys seem to operate in night shifts. Through the night, they were animatedly discussing politics and the nation and today, even if their voices are silenced by their sleep, their snores have ensured that the ‘good work’ is carried on.

It is interesting to note that despite being late, the train is full. It feels privileged to know that there are so many more like me who lead time independent lives.

Update: 4:45 pm… I have finally reached. I am hungry and disappointed. I hated the tip taking exercise on the train by the train waiters, inspite of the delay!! It was the first time I had travelled by the August Kranti Rajdhani and hopefully my last.

2951/52 Mumbai Rajdhani still continues to remain my favourite.
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2 thoughts on “August Kranti Rajdhani

  1. Gaurav says:

    man, i feel for you. i know what you mean. i try and fly even if it means inconvenience via traffic in Bombay and in Delhi simply because the trip is shorter. The Rajdhani trains can have some terrible boffins in there.

    My way of combating it is simply carrying my laptop loaded with a few seasons of whatever tv show i am catching on. i stick to it and i watch it till i am exhausted and then crash.

    in fact, im taking it today… the air fares forced my hand (round trip Bom-DEL 10,000 x 2) vs the II tier Rajdhani fare (4500 x 2) exactly half the cost.

  2. sima says:

    I have booked my ticket from Mumbai to Delhi in Rajdhanion 19th Dec 2009.The waiting list shows WL75/WL26.what does it mean?shall I still book or go by August Kranti?

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