The Choices I made: My MBA

Been in a pensive mood throughout the day. Next Sunday I will be a married man and the i will include a she as well. Memories have flashed by and memories like life can be both painful and joyful.

The year 2005 : I had left my first company to prepare for CAT and non focus being a highlight of my life, I had chosen to study only 2 months prior to the exam that is a career determiner for many. My mode of studying was also unique. I could never study from a text book and so i chose to give timed tests, which were 2 hour affairs locked inside my room.

I managed a decent percentile (pathetic by some standards) and my final calls (through CAT) included IMT Nagpur and KJ Somaiya. Well here was a choice to make…Somaiya, the Mumbaiya college or IMT, the industrially well placed college.

At home, in such situations, a simple yet effective solution is prayer followed by the casting of lots. In those days, my grandfather was also staying with us.

A man of small stature but broad shoulders and a face that was full of wisdom, he had been a scientist by proffession and a great grandfather to us grandchildren.His health, more his mental wellness had been deteriorating owing to Alzhemeirs and each day his hallucinations and his loss of direction would only increase, causing my mother and father much agony.

After the mandatory night prayers, I asked each of my family members to pick a chit each. The following were the results:

Dad : KJ Somaiya

My Sister: KJ Somaiya

Mom: IMT Nagpur

me: IMT Nagpur

A perfect tie and yet the poll wasnt over. However,my grandfather, a man of strong habits, went off to sleep at 8pm daily and this day was no different.

To me, getting into either of the colleges made sense. IMT Nagpur was a new college but was the sibling of a college with a strong heritage.There was also the opportunity to struggle and create a brand for ourselves. On the other hand, KJ Somaiya was an established college with strong industry relationships. Marico was one of the recruiters and I was thoroughly excited about the amateur business plan I had created involving the Coconut Industry. Anyway, the choice was in God’s hands and the instrument of his choice was my grandfather.

Early morning at around 5:30, my mom woke me up, urging me to go and make Appachen, as we called him, to pick a chit.

Appachen was sipping his coffee, when I, with groggy eyes and a crumpled night dress presented the lots before him. My mom and my dad stood around, waiting in curiosity to know what my future would behold.

Appachen took out a chit, which he then passed on to mom who opened it..The choice was made and it was Nagpur that had called me…

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2 thoughts on “The Choices I made: My MBA

  1. Aparna says:

    Nice 🙂 Made for a good Sunday morning read.

    And I didn’t know you had business plans ‘involving the Coconut Industry’ 😀 I wanna know all about it on Monday, when we get back to work.

  2. Nice one.Also congrats on your marriage.
    ps-Hope you wont be leaving us ever to get into the coconut industry.Deepak will be a worried man 🙂

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