Testing Flickr Slideshow

Was thinking of posting something today on Kerala. Am down with Viral, however, and my brain seems to be clogged with empty spaces.

Instead I thought I’ll post a slideshow of pictures that I had taken with my N73 in Munnar as a trailer to the high res pictures that will come later with some detailed stories and explanations.

This is also the first time that I am trying out a Flickr Slideshow since the day Aparna (my colleague) pointed it out to me.


Quite unfortunate:It seems that Flickr slideshows are currently incompatible with WordPress.com

Initially tried to embed the Flickr slideshow html on my blog but the preview completely erases the code.

I tried a workaround as well through http://flickrslidr.com but have been so far unsuccesful.

The slideshow feature seems to be throwing up problems across Myspace and Livejournal blogs as well. However they seem to work just fine with Blogger and WordPress.org blogs.

This is what Flickr has to say about the entire deal:


WordPress.com doesnt seem to take a clear stand on the issue

All I feel is slightly disapoointed…Hope both the greatest blogging platform and the greatest picture sharing platform resolve the issue soon

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2 thoughts on “Testing Flickr Slideshow

  1. suyentorres says:

    yes, im having the same problem… Did u find a way to do this?

  2. robinjabraham says:

    Ya I wrote to yahoo.Seems this blog post also helped and they were quick to restore the service

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