Wedding Afterthoughts: 3 weeks later

Before it happens,Its a step most married men warn you against and most unmarried individuals tease you about. Both claim to know either side of the wall too well to be providing sound advice!!

After it happens, it’s a step that affects most of your bachelor friends.Soon after the wedding,I encountered individuals (bachelors), who were either being pressurised to marry or were putting pressure on their parents to get them married, all an outcome of my marriage.

One particular individual, so i heard, had to be sent away to ensure that his testosterone levels remained in control.

As far as I am concerned, my calm demeanour towards the entire ceremony and the following reception seemed to shock many.Being shy and reserved, my character should I deally have taken me to new heights of nervous tension and paranoia. Nothing of that sort happened. Glory be to God.

I still wonder as to why, even after 3 weeks of marriage, I dont feel a lot has changed in my relationships, in my passions. On the contrary, I feel a lot more responsible. I have a house which we are slowly settling into and ensuring that we survive to the best of our capabilities is an interesting challenge.

“Robin, set the family on your shoulders and dont you dare touch Sweety’s money” was the diktat I got from home. Mumbai isnt, however, exactly the place where you would want to implement this ideology. Needless to say, I am trying and a review this month end should tell me if I am well placed to afford my family.

“Sweety, please make sure he isnt lazy”, were my mom’s words to my wife on the way to the station. Procastrination and I have always had a strong bond of relationship. The difference before marriage and after marriage, now, however, is the amount of time I procastrinate. Where earlier a lag of a day or a two coupled with some pricking earfuls from my mom was needed to justify doing a chore, nowadays, I seem to have brought it down to an hour or so, much to the delight of Sweety who thinks of it being nothing short of a miracle.

On a slightly different tangent,Sweety, fortunately, has also had the opportunity to look after me while I suffered from a weird cocktail of cold, stomach aches/upsets and high fevers soon after coming to Delhi. She’s been given an ace rating, I am sure ,by my folks. The illness only added to my already low ratings on the activity scale.

Back in Mumbai…The chores…the list is slowly increasing but it’s increasing for both of us and when we are one body and one spirit I see no sense in complaining. I have learnt how to knead the dough, an achievment I couldnt manage in 26 years of observing my dad do it for us at home. Groceries, medicines, other daily and immediate requirements all come under my purview of responsibility and its strange that I dont feel like shying away from them any longer.

Many of my critics would say “It’s only been 3 weeks dude!!”. The Honeymoon period according to some random British Study, lasts for 2.5 years. When I stated this to a married friend of mine, his response was “Ya and then True Love Kicks in”…hmmm…thats something to look forward to. 

I look forward to tomorrow

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Afterthoughts: 3 weeks later

  1. Asfaq says:

    Congratulations, Robin 🙂

  2. V.Abraham says:

    Impressive reading!!!

  3. robinjabraham says:

    Thank you guys:)

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