1984 Delhi riots and beyond: Will we ever learn?

The 1984 Delhi riots had always been dismissed as a blotch on our history and something that should be avoided. However it is when you see those casualty numbers being replaced by people like you and me that the pain starts to sink in.
For me the only stories which came close enough were when my dad and mom hid a sikh in our house and the brutal murder of my aunt’s colleague’s husband…all distant…all vague.
However, after watching ‘Amu’, one realizes the tapestry of lies and deceit that governments have woven over the past 25 years.
What is even more disappointing is that justice hasn’t been served and many of the accused are at the highest echelons of power and in a position to dictate and thwart justice’ normal course.
Ditto for the Gujarat riots, though the papers, nowadays seem to suggest some movement towards the light of day.
Perpetrated by politicians and in connivance with beaurocrats and cops alike, such riots and violence targeted against specific sects of society have only deepened the rift amongst various communities. Hindus against muslims and muslims against hindus, sikhs against the rest of us…slowly the paranoia is hitting into the fabric of this nation. Mobs, riots, murders…our tolerance is never a question as the divide ensures that such acts always find supporters and justifiers for a cause that hits at the very existence of this nation.

The British succeeded in wrenching Bangladesh and Pakistan using religion as the bait and the number of separationist movements existing today ensures that a suffcient percentage of the taxpayer’s money is spent only on defense and in dealing with counter insurgency.

These days L.K Advani’s campaign is a highlight across digital media . WHat is unfortunate, however is that while he uses new age communication mediums, he still harps on the Ram Mandir issue, when and wherever it makes sense. Such double speak is what confuses me and I am only amused by a campaign where he claims to make India a strong and prosperous nation.

Ditto for the Congress. As a party that stood for Indians during the independence struggle, why is it that it seeks to hide and shelter those involved in such acts of terror and ethnic cleansing? Has the party lost all sense of ethics and responsibility for a nation that was founded on the tenets of a constitution that is regarded as one of the best in the world?

I went through some articles on the 1984 riots and am posting them here for your reference:
Wikipedia on 1984 riots
The TOI on 1984 riots
The story of a victim

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