Not another Office Friday

Fridays are usually distinguished by anticipation that lifts up spirits all around and smiles that otherwise bounce off our grumpy, tired faces. Work efficiency decreases to an all time low if postponement can work or it increases to an all time high in the hope of not letting go of the two days that we all slog for through the week.

Last Friday (the 21st) was no different except that our spirits were at an all time high (Monday was after all a holiday too) and postponement could be afforded. It all started during lunch when a foil ball, ketchup packets and a tiffin box (or bucket?) was improvised for a game of “Boxball”. This invention of ours has everything that a world sport ought to have…emotions, competitiveness, addiction, passion, skill, dexterity…its all in the game.

As evidence of our claim to the game, I am posting a video of the same

The day didnt end there though. Our inner competitive self had risen and  he wanted more. The chance finding of rubber band by one of my colleagues led to the idea of a war of paper bullets and the natural divide of the gender ensured that there was an equal distribution of human resources. And thus began the war, the culmination of man’s instinct to kill, to hurt, to destroy and to occupy. Our battles were simpler though and after 2 casualties ( one in the eye and one on the upper lip) we had had enough. The war footage is, however there for all to see

And thus ended another memorable Friday, one that is forever embedded on the net through text and video.
Our able videographer has her take on the entire affair which you can read here

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2 thoughts on “Not another Office Friday

  1. wrappercode says:

    looks like a perfect friday

  2. Mike says:

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