Leaving Oracle: Excerpts from my first Blog

I started experimenting with blogs in January, 2007. Campuses can be lonely places and you need to find avenues to release all pent up energies to ensure that your sanity is not lost.

Anyway, I managed all of three blog posts on my first URL (a blogspot one), 2 on campus and one when I finally left Oracle. Leaving Oracle had been a decision that was both spontaneous and gutsy. I, to this day feel proud of the fact that I was able to take a stand and follow it through.Money and comfort suddenly just didnt matter. I needed to be happy with my job and my leaving Oracle was the start of a quest to find the job that suited me. I must admit, however, that Oracle had amazing people- people who believed in you, people who could make you laugh inspite of all the tensions and frustrations we faced as part of our jobs. Some of them i am still in touch with even today.

The following is an excerpt from my post on my first blog:

September 16,2007
Just back from Mumbai. The past few months,as usual have been eventful.I got placed as a Business Development Consultant with Oracle.my first job and that too in a global brand.The icing on the cake was the fact that I was the first to get placed from my college:IMT Nagpur.A moment to be proud of…a moment to celebrate.A snapshot of my life history flashes past me : from my Columba’s days to the wonderful days in college and finally my post graduation.Life’s been good and God’s been kind and merciful….
….June 2007: It seems to be a mistake….a terrible mismatch…this is not the profile I foresaw on campus.I am doing nothing but sitting and calling.Although am being given a decent salary,I don’t see my MBA being put to any use and neither do I see my life goals being fulfilled in this line.
….August 2007(towards the end).I have to take a decision…a decision now…it’s a risk but I am willing to take the risk.I am willing to break free and pursue my line of interest. A small fear at the back of my mind tries to discourage me : whether I’ll get a decent job after a brief stint in Oracle…”I will “…my confidence surges me forward and on that Friday night I submit my resignation.
…September 2007…Mumbai happens…I call up my friends…faithful friends and ask them to schedule interviews for me. three interviews in a week…not bad at all.Mumbai treats me well and to spend the day running about and trying to gauge the pulse of the city and the ‘Jalad’ local train system is an opportunity in itself.Back from Mumbai Iam loaded with one offer and one offer to be placed.It’s a small achievement but I have miles to go till I can soar in the open skies.

As I compare the above excerpt and the way I write now, I realize I have become much more impersonal. Maybe its because its all part of my job now…I dont know but I shall continue to write

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