Running the Marathon

“In the process of trial and error, Our failed attempts are meant to destroy arrogance and provoke humility.”

Everyone’s first job is a myth buster. The huge thought palaces of luxury, comfort, status and money come tumbling down within a month itself. After my engineering, I was placed with a web development company called Iniquus (greek for not equal) as a web developer.As expected,the daily downloads  on, Jscript, Java and HTML and reprimands on not being able to meet deadlines only bogged me down and disillusionment started to sink in.. Late nights and early mornings were the only moments I spent at home. I spent many a weekend in office, struggling with miles and miles of code. In short it was a perfect job to get real.

The Boss,Siddharth Lalwani( Sid, as he liked to be called) however, is a man I continue to respect today..a man who was a perfectionist ,one whose experience of life saw frustration in the manner we worked and lived, and a man who knew how to teach.

One of such lessons happened on a Friday evening on the last day of the month. Every month end we had an office party, something all of us looked forward to after a really hectic month of learning and reproaches.

This particular day, as I was waiting for my colleague , Sid approached me and challenged me to a sprint. Now, sprinting runs in my veins and I was both amused and enthused by his challenge. Amused because I was confident of my athleticism and enthused because of the opportunity I got to show him that I was better at something.I immediately accepted the challenge.

The referee ( another colleague) blew the whistle and we were off. As expected, I was miles ahead of him, confident of an easy victory.As i was crossing him on my way back to the finish line, he challenged me to another round. Tired but self assured I said yes. In my arrogance however, I had failed to factor in how breathless I was. Soon my legs started cramping up and every movement only released more lactic acid causing pain and frustration.

I fell, feeling like Goliath, watching in frustration as the thin and frail frame of  Sid passed me, reached the finish line and came back running to me. I was badly bruised but my ego and my arrogance had been butchered. I tried to hide it in the pain of my wounds but it was unbearable.

Sid bent over and held out a helping hand. As I clutched his scraggy hands, his words were ” Anyone can run a race, run the marathon”.  

Running the marathon is what I am doing today. The race is far from over.

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One thought on “Running the Marathon

  1. sweety says:

    Well I have to say this is my fav post of yours so far. The way you have described an incident which is clearly a life lesson from a truely rare respect worthy boss is great

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