My First “Resignation” Letter

I was or maybe I still am a confused personality. One who constantly tries to figure out throughout life as to what is it that interests him. Its tough when you’re a jack of all trades because you can work in all domains but the nagging doubt lingers as to whether you’re meant to do it in the first place.

My first “resignation” letter, as I read it now, clearly displays my goals and motivations at that point in time. 5 years on, I know that the goals mentioned are no longer in priority, although I would love for them to be so.

Hi Sid

This letter will probably upset you but I feel that if
I don’t take this decision now, I will never be able
to do so.
Due to some urgent reasons I have to go to Kerala.It
is an unavoidable situation.
Meanwhile I have also given a serious thought to what
I want from life.Sid, in my class I was the first
person who decided to do an MBA and the only person
who wanted to do Rural Management. I feel Rural
Management is a field wherein you give more and take
less. For me the motive has never been money.
When I was in class 8 I had gone for a visit to an
orphanage with the rest of the class. It is probably
one of the most touching experiences in my life. I
still remember the faces of the children light up when
we interacted with them. What was more touching was
the fact that when asked who did they like the most,
most of them said the guy with the grey muffler (me).
From that day onwards I had it in the back of my mind
that I needed to do something for the not so fortunate
of the society.
In college, I thought of this way (coconut
cooperative) which would generate employment for many
and enable them to move further in life without having
to rely on someone. I have thought of some products
which have not been introduced in the market also
until now. I will share them with you once this
becomes a success story like Amul.
Sid, one of the things that struck me while talking to
you was when you asked us the question–What are you
doing at Iniquus if you want to do Rural Management?
I have thought over it seriously and have decided to
join an N.G.O.I will not be drawing any salary in this
job. I have already approached them and I will be
having a meeting in July.
Meanwhile I have also contacted Amul and asked them to
give me an opportunity to have a look at how it
functions. I hope to receive a reply from them soon.
What makes the trip to Kerala more worthwhile is the
fact that this is where I will be setting the base for
the co-operative.
Please do not misunderstand me. I do want to pursue my
dream and I’m glad that I joined Iniquus. At Iniquus
you made me understand that nothing is impossible.
Everything has a solution and you need to apply
yourselves fully. I may not have started applying
myself fully but I have definitely started thinking
and doing research. You have been a great boss to me
and I will always, throughout my life, cherish what
you have taught me. Believe me, am speaking from my
heart and I will always be proud to have been
associated with Team Iniquus.
I know you might not be as proud as I am.
I will not be sending a resignation letter as I would
always like to remain associated with Iniquus.Thank
you and thank you very much for your invaluable
Yours faithfully
Robin Jacob Abraham

There is a story to how I “resigned” also…the next post probably

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6 thoughts on “My First “Resignation” Letter

  1. confuseius says:

    Wow! This is a well-drafted resignation, if there ever was one. On reading it, one can almost feel your ‘inner anguish’ on having to make this decision. 🙂

    But the best indication of resignation I have seen so far has to be the Bitch (you know who I’m talking about) – write a mail to a friend to go through your resume, and then mail it to the boss by mistake. LOL.

    Curious – How did Sid respond to this e-mail?

  2. robinjabraham says:

    Well thats the next story…and its interesting…I can assure you that:)

  3. saurabh says:

    beautifully put………its intriguing where we all interested in the developmental sector at on time or another??

    • robinjabraham says:

      Quite true…Its the inert struggle between passion and comfort I guess. I wish I can work out something in the near future though

  4. Chetan says:

    Great Resignation Robin. Having known you for your second even “Greater” resignation, I would like to call you a Prodigy for Resignations.


    • robinjabraham says:

      Trust me…the resignation from Mosaic was the worst I have given. The illegality and unethicality of it all was enough to make me run miles away from those guys

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