The Resignation Saga

Submitting a resignation is like giving the last exam of the boards. On the other side lies freedom and a few days of self declared ‘deserving’ break from the pain and trauma of the past few months. The road to freedom, however, is never easy and never straight and my case was no exception…

There were 3 of us from the same college who had been placed in Iniquus. Mohit, the 8.0 CGPA class, Saurabh, the 6.0 CGPA class and me, the 5.0 CGPA class. Saurabh and I had been best of friends since school and the trivial difference in our CGPAs ensured that we remained professional pals as well. With Mohit, however, the story was slightly different and he continued to surprise us, all through his stint at Iniquus. 

a) Initially Mohit had refused to work for anything under Rs. 12000/-. He finally settled for Rs. 8000/-

b) Mohit rarely fell ill in college. However, at Iniquus, he took a break for 15 days owing to a certain illness

c) Mohit was intelligent and logical and could grasp things quickly. at Iniquus, however, he managed to mess up an entire project he was working on and was forced to redo it again

The above few surprises resulted in complete disillusionment for Mohit. His only chance at salvaging some lost pride was to quit or so he thought. 

d)Mohit never took rash decisions. One day, however, through a mail to Sid, he announced his resignation and vanished.

The sequence of surprises were to have a strong bearing on my resignation as well. The immediate consequences of Mohit’s resignation however included

a) Sid calling us ‘You Chumps’ yet again

b) 3-4 sessions on why Mohit had made a foolish decision

c) Sid being angry and agitated on the rest of the staff

d) Us getting scared of Sid and trying to be invisible whenever he passed by

The stress of it all, which included me never being able to understand code, was slowly taking its toll. I could not picture myself building and testing websites for the rest of my life. The MBA bug had also bitten me and the prospect of a better job and a better life slowly extended its influence to the point that I finally took the decision : To Quit

I had meticulously planned the resignation episode. I was to approach Sid and tell him of my decision. He would probably shout at me for a while and then agree, after which I would be free. I had also booked a ticket to Kerala, along with my parents, to savour the well earned break.

Mohit’s terrible exit however played spoilsport and I, in my Sid-o-phobia was too scared to approach him.Sid always referred to Mohit’s resignation as a case to prove that the brightest always had high aspirations which kept them far above the ground while the dumbest ( read Saurabh and me) were grounded from the start anyway.

As the day for departure drew closer, the prospect of seeing and walking through green paddy fields and coconut trees gained precedence over going through the ‘trauma’.

I, however needed to inform Sid and for that, I needed to hatch a well thought of plan and the plan was this:

I was to draft a ‘resignation letter’ and save it in my inbox. I was to take a sick leave till the time I reached Kerala.On the day before I reached Kerala, Saurabh was to use my inbox to send the mail across to Sid. I was so mortally scared of Sid’s anger that I was willing to take no chances on the day I intended to leave for Kerala. 

Saurabh, the ever faithful friend did just that: Send the resignation mail out on a friday morning while I was lazing in the Ac 2 tier compartment of the Kerala Express.

The shock waves were intense and immediate. Sid deduced that I couldnt have sent the mail as the train takes 2.5 days to reach Kerala from Delhi, so it could only be a friend who could send the mail, which by obvious choice, was Saurabh.

The consequences of my resignation included:

a)  Saurabh being called “You Chump” yet again

b) Saurabh being interrogated for his role in the ‘crime’

c) Saurabh being sympathised with by our colleagues

d)My mail being circulated across the office ( which did win me a few accolades)

The story doesnt end here, however, and the sequence of events that followed still continues to amaze me and respect Sid a lot more…

Update: Saurabh my partner in crime has posted his take on the episode through a comment

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7 thoughts on “The Resignation Saga

  1. Prerana says:

    Good one, Robin. You know how to keep readers coming back with the promise of a sequel.

    • robinjabraham says:

      Thanks Prerana…My life’s been full of ‘traumas’ which in hindsight appear humorous and worth a story:)

  2. Raj says:

    robin, i can’t agree more about a), b), c) and d) above. as i know all the 3 guys in question above so i can testify that he is damn right about what he has written

  3. Saurabh Jain says:

    Its time for me to take over now..yes yes i am the saurabh jain in question here…the partner in crime and robins to fill the gap in the story.after robins mail reached sid, he called me and my interrogation started. When even after 3 hours of interrogation i gave away nothing, he simply took viks away during lunch and asked him. Viks, our eternal simpleton, oblivious of all politics blurted out..robin to kerala gaya hai..hehe needless to say what happened to me after that can be taken up in a separate blog post 🙂

  4. Well perhaps I will learn some day 🙂 Waiting for the sequel so let me know when u guys fill in the details 🙂

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