Striving to live the patient life

It’s been a month since I ever attempted to feed my blog. In a self imposed exile of sorts, I decided to do away with the privilege of being ‘always connected’ for a month. The experience has left me saner and in control of a habit that was threatening to drive my very being.

A host of factors contributed to me being off the net all this while. While office errands were chewing their way right into valuable personal time at home, my reliable Dell Inspiron was also slowly succumbing to the pressure of exploitation. It’s hard disk soon crashed, never to recover again. Currently, it lies by the side of the study table, usually in service as an arm rest.

My impatience, as the new Airtel 16 mbps ad suggests, was seeing me spend hours at home on the web, idly signing in and out of my mailbox, sifting through an umpteen social sites and mulling in deep thought as to why some clients behave the way they do.

And so with the hard disk crashing, the net connection was also done away with, leaving me at the mercy of books and family and friends to go out with. Not having a tv only accentuated the situation, giving me even more time.I started looking for chores to do around the house and soon felt some responsibilities sinking in.

A day for me has many more fuller elements to it now. It involves 8 hours of sleep, Fuller and healthier meals and a lot of time to read and explore

I now realize the wisdom of our elders in maintaining that balance. It is important : to live your life but not to abuse it.

Impatience is not my new life!!

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2 thoughts on “Striving to live the patient life

  1. smita says:

    hi..good to see u back.was missing your blogs dude..i thought this is the post marriage sympton…
    keep writing, i m the person who everyday visits your website like a person goes to temple.

  2. robinjabraham says:

    Nahi nahi…just a phase I was going through.Will try and be more regular now:)

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