Oh Lord My God!!

The past 2 years saw me fighting the fight of my life. A scheme conspired to harass me was hatched and executed. The plot, right out of a Bollywood movie, saw a legal entanglement which could have  branded me a ‘criminal’. And yet it was easy to give up and adhere to the demands of the plotters, to surrender and continue to live the comfortable, protected life that I was always so used to.

Why didn’t I settle? Why is it that I continued to fight? Why is it that I risked so much?

The answer, of course, is only one: My hope in the Lord God who, in my lowest ebb, has always fought the fight for me. There were times when depression and worry would take over but a calming voice always soothed my nerves by saying “I’ll always be with you and never give up on you”. The truth was my sword, hope and faith my motivator and His cloak my armor.

During the course of this legal battle, in a moment of immense pain, worry and depression, I wrote a few verses which as I read now continue to amaze me at the miracle that God worked in my life:

Its the hour of pain

when its tough to remain sane

when grace and mercy seem so distant

when darkness and defeat seem so nigh

when men conspire without conscience

when I struggle to understand your patience

Strength is what I need, My Lord I cry

For I seem to have given up the will to try

Faith is what I need, My Lord, I cry

To know that you will not let any evil stand in my way

To every dawn there is dusk

and to every beginning  an end is a must

And as I see the clouds darken the horizon

I know You have arrived to put an end to my tribulation

I see your anger strike across the sky

Humbling and humiliating men who against me lie

Through the rain you wash my tears

With your might you allay my fears

And with the bow across the sky now azure

Victory is yours, Victory is yours alone you ensure

PS: The Lord gave me an amazing victory, the story of which I shall share…soon

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