Up in the Himalayas: Manali

The soul is at peace, the mind is at rest

It’s Where humans live in peace and nature unveils its best

Snow capped Peaks

Russet Sparrow



bird in the hills

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6 thoughts on “Up in the Himalayas: Manali

  1. Joe Varghese says:

    Awesome pics bro… It seems photography has become a passion for you… nice…

  2. Joe Varghese says:

    I see that you have special interests in birds….

    • robinjabraham says:

      Thanks bro…yep…photography is slowly becoming a passion with a huge interest for birds around us:)

  3. musikwala says:

    Love it! Saw these photos on fb. Great work, man! And glad to see that you’ve restarted your blog. 🙂

  4. You have shared very beautiful images of Manali. Manali has many natural beauty saved in the nature. One should go to Manali to explore and enjoy this life. Manali Tourism

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