Adam & Eve: Our daughter’s version

We’ve been reading stories to our daughter right from her ‘small baby’ days. Every afternoon nap and night sleep is preceded by a reading session followed by a story narration. Since recently, though, we’ve had to make some space for a story interpretation session as well. After we read her a story, our daughter interprets or misinterprets the story in accordance with either what we would have been behaviorally enforcing with her at home or what she would have picked up from play school.

One such particularly creative (mis)interpretation session involved the story of Adam and Eve.  Believing that it was time to introduce our daughter to be oriented to the Bible, I had picked up an illustrated children’s version.  While we understand the story of Adam and Eve to be around disobeying God and being tempted by the devil (in the form of a serpent) to eat the forbidden fruit (or apple as we love to imagine), our daughter had a very different take on the story post the reading session.  Taking on Adam and Eve directly she first chided them on wearing no clothes and proceeded to admonish them on the manner in which they ate the apple.

” Adam & Eve need to wear pretty dresses. They are nangu pungu (naked in baby dialect) “

” Adam, you should first wash the apple otherwise it’s very dirtyyy “.

” You should then cut it and you should share it with the snake. Snake will then say it is Yummy Yummy “

As parents, we  realized we had definitely hit it home as far as  wearing clothes, washing fruits and sharing was concerned:)

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4 thoughts on “Adam & Eve: Our daughter’s version

  1. Aniruddha Bhide says:

    hahaha… Vania did learn the things she needed to!
    btw, lovely blog..keep writing buddy 🙂

  2. Love this story! Out of the mouths of babes.

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