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Just My Luck!!

Honest…I really wanted to post about Matheran.I had even started typing in when Firefox gave up on me.And so here Iam dejected and wondering why open source gave up on me.But open source has always disappointed me…well almost.In my past organization, a Microsoft threat ensured our swift migration to Fedora Linux.To this day I wonder why Fedora 2 was installed when version 8 was available as well…the result…frequent usability and compatibility issues.Office is part of the deal so we had to shift to Open office. Decent software but a small step for the community…Unfortunately,Microsoft’s taken a giant leap and mankind’s┬áthirst for office power is more or less quenched by Bill Gates.

Now now dont get me wrong…I used the word almost….Wordpress is open source and its the greatest blogging platform available.

Well so much for diversity in my posts..and Matheran’s coming your way soon…thats a promise

Wish me some good luck

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