About me

An Orthodox Christian living each moment in the grace of God.

I write on anything life, the creations of the creator & the paradoxes we live in .

Welcome to Chugging Along!!


11 thoughts on “About me

  1. Larry Short says:

    Robin, thanks for your comment via Twitter on our “Rickshaws” story.

    I would be interested in more specific feedback about what you found confusing about our layout. (Such feedback always helps me greatly when making recommendations to my peers about possible upgrades to the site.)

    Deeply appreciated! Send any specific feedback to me at larry.short@worldvisionreport.org.

    Enjoyed your blog.

    – Larry

  2. laurelscrown says:

    Hi Robin, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I love your blogs. Short, crisp, and to the point. The photos you’ve included? Did you take any of them??

  3. Linda Stone says:

    Really enjoying reading through your blog. The photographs are wonderful.

    • robinjabraham says:

      Thanks Linda…trying to focus on a few interest areas now than being a ‘Jacob’ of all trades:)

  4. janteri says:

    Thanks for the thumbs up on my Geographer blog! Love the photos on your Flickr channel. Thanks for sharing.

    • robinjabraham says:

      Thank you…Will look forward to some of your other experiences from India and elsewhere:)

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